Why is my iPhone with no Sound? Here’s The Real Fix!

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itechpursuits Why is my iPhone with no Sound
Why is my iPhone with no Sound

An iPhone with no sound is one of the most common problems with this smartphone.

If your iPhone has no sound from the speaker you will be experiencing:

  • No sound during calls
  • Your apps, music, and videos will work but no sound will be working.
  • Sound notifications will not be working.
  • Volume bar may sometimes not be visible.

There are some easy troubleshooting steps you can take before rushing to the Apple Service Center.

Before starting with any of the troubleshooting steps that are going to be discussed below, you need to check if the speaker of your iPhone is working.

Settings >> Sounds (or Settings >> Sounds & Haptics), drag the Alerts and Ringer slider for about two to three times.

If you can hear a sound, you can proceed and try the succeeding troubleshooting steps. If you do not hear any sound, take your iPhone to an Apple Service Center for servicing.

Here are some of the general troubleshooting steps you can take to bring back sound in your iPhone.

1. Check Sound Settings

Move the Ring/Silent switch of your device forward to the Display and check that the “Do Not Disturb” setting is off.

Open Settings >> Do Not Disturb >> Off

Open Settings >> Do Not Disturb >> Off
Open Settings >> Do Not Disturb >> Off

You may also try to check if your iPhone is on Silent Mode. Switch your iPhone to Loud Mode and press the volume on the side of your iPhone (“+”/”-“).

Ring/Silent switch >> Loud Mode >> Volume Buttons

2. Turn off the Bluetooth

There might be a possibility that you paired your iPhone with a nearby Bluetooth headset and you cannot hear the sound of your iPhone without using the headset device.

To make sure that your device is not sending any audio to an accessory of Bluetooth, unpair your iPhone with the Bluetooth headset.

Settings >> Bluetooth >> Off

Settings Bluetooth Off

3. Plug Headphones to your iPhone

It is quite common to listen to music from your iPhone using headphones or earphones. The problem is sometimes when you unplug the headphones, the volume slider does not appear or there is no sound coming out of your iPhone.

If the sound of your iPhone is working when you use headphones but its speakers are not working try this:

  • Insert the headphones to the headphone jack port of your iPhone.
  • Pull the headphones out immediately.

Repeat these steps for about four to five times. There is a possibility that your iPhone just got stuck with the Headphone Mode. Plugging and unplugging the headphones will shut off the Headphone Mode. These actions will also remove any dust or dirt stuck in the headphone jack port.

4. Check Sound with any App

Open any app that has sound effects or music. Adjust the volume using the slider found in the Control Center or the volume buttons.

5. Clean Receiver Mesh

With the use of a brush, clean the receiver mesh of your iPhone to clear it of any dust or dirt. Do the same with the speaker and lightning connector. Acetone or rubbing alcohol can help get rid of dust or dirt.

If are using a bumper or case with your iPhone, make sure these accessories is not blocking the speaker of your device.

6. Tap the Bottom Right Corner

This may be a funny solution but it has worked several times for a lot of iPhone users. Squeeze the bottom right corner of your iPhone just above the speaker. Hold it for about 20 seconds. This will correctly reposition the connector which may have gotten loose.

7. Re-start your iPhone

There is a possibility that an un-harmful bug struck your iPhone. This is what you can do:

  • Simultaneously press the Home Button and the Power/Sleep switch.
  • Hold down both buttons until your device turns Off and On again displaying the Apple logo.
  • Check if the sound is already working.

Re-start iPhone X

  • Press and quickly release the Volume Up
  • Press and quickly release the Volume Down
  • Now press and hold the Side button until your device restarts and the Apple logo appears.
Reset iPhone X
Reset iPhone X

Doing this method will restart your iPhone without affecting any of your stored personal data. This solution should work in fixing any sound glitch in your iPhone.

8. Update Your iOS

An outdated iOS version can cause your iPhone to experience a sound glitch. Update your iPhone with the latest iOS version.

Settings >> General >> Software Update and proceed with the iOS update.

itechpursuits Update Your iOS
Update Your iOS

9. Re-set your iPhone

This is the most radical troubleshooting method you can take to fix the sound glitch of your iPhone. This method will make you lose all of the personal settings in your iPhone because you will be reverting to Default Settings. This will however not affect your data, media, and contacts.

Settings >> General >> Reset all Settings. This step won’t affect your data, contacts or media.

Settings >> General >> Reset all Settings
Settings >> General >> Reset all Settings

If you have tried any of the above general troubleshooting steps and still the sound is not working, you may have to take your iPhone to an Apple Service Center. Perhaps you may need to replace the earpiece speaker of your iPhone or some other details may need to be checked.

Why is my iPhone with no Sound? Here’s The Real Fix! (some specific troubleshooting methods)

There may be instances when your iPhone has sound in some functions of your device but none with the others. Here are some specific troubleshooting methods.

iPhone with No Sound on Videos

This is a rare problem that happens mostly with the iPhone 4S or iPhone 6 Plus models. Here are the reasons for losing sound on videos and how to fix it.

  • The mic is not properly working. Open the voice memos of your device and record a sound. If your mic is not properly working, try the succeeding solutions.
  • Software glitch. Correct this software glitch by closing the videos application or camera and opening the music application. Play a music selection and close it. Go back to the videos and check fit already has sound.
  • Bluetooth headset is connected to your iPhone.

Settings >> Bluetooth and remove any headset connected to it.

  • Remove the cover or casing of your iPhone and record a video again.
  • Clear the mic of any particles by inserting a needle into it.
  • Do a soft reset holding the Home and Power button together for about ten seconds until the device shuts down and restarts.

If none of these work, the mic of your iPhone is malfunctioning, Backup all data and have hardware check done at the Apple Service Center.

iPhone with No Sound on YouTube

YouTube is one of the most popular apps on the iPhone. Here is how to fix the no sound problem.

  • Make sure the volume of the iPhone and the YouTube video is on.
  • Simultaneously hold down the Lock and Home buttons to restart your iPhone and remove any temporary glitch.
  • Delete and reinstall your YouTube app to remove any temporary glitch.
  • Make sure you are using the latest iOS and YouTube app.
  • Use the YouTube website instead of the YouTube app.

iPhone with No sound on Calls

This seldom happens on the high-end iPhone but just the same here is what you can do if you experience no sound on calls before taking your phone to the Apple Service Center:

  • Clean the receiver of your iPhone to get rid of any dust or dirt. Use a toothpick or any sharp object that is not made of metal.
  • Turn off the Bluetooth function. Settings >> Bluetooth >> Off
  • Turn up the volume which you may have lowered when watching videos or listening to music.
  • Reboot your phone by simultaneously pressing the Home and Power buttons for at least ten seconds to get rid of any temporary glitch.
  • Delete all Settings and Contents and do a Reset. Make sure to back-up all data and media contents in iTunes.

iPhone with No sound Headphones

If your iPhone has no sound with the headphones connected, your headphone jack might be broken or there may be some hardware problem. Before jumping to any conclusions, try some troubleshooting.

  • Try connecting another headphone as the one you are using might be defective.
  • Re-start your iPhone by simultaneously holding down the On/Off button until iPhone shuts down and the turns on again with the Apple logo appearing.
  • Clean the jack of the headphone as the connection between the jack and the headphone might be with dust, dirt or lint. You can take off the lint in the jack by blowing some compressed air into the jack. You can also insert a thin layer of the cotton swab with a little rubbing alcohol into the headphone jack.
  • Turn off the Bluetooth setting.
  • Check AirPlay Output. Your iPhone may be sending sound to another output instead of to your headset. While your iPhone should be able to automatically detect headsets, in some instances it does not because the sound is being sent to a speaker that is compatible with AirPlay.

Control Center >> Long press music playback controls >> AirPlay >> Headphones.

If all these troubleshooting options fail your headphone jack may need to be repaired. You may also need to have the software of your iPhone checked.

iPhone No Sound on Apps

The Apple iOS for iPhones comes with a soft mute. This may cause some of your apps not to have sound from the speaker even when the volume is on high and you can hear sound with a headphone connection.

The soft mute feature mutes the sounds and music of apps you can still hear sound from Netflix or Hulu. This makes the no sound issue difficult to diagnose but easy to fix.

Double tap Home >> Speaker icon >> Mute Off

When this is done, check if your apps have sound.

If the speaker icon does not show:

Settings >> General >> Mute

Use the side switch to select Mute and the side Rocker switch to turn on the sound.

Select “Mute” Then use the rocker switch on the side to turn up the sound

iPhone No Sound Music

This no sound issue is quite easy to resolve.

Settings >> iTunes & app store >> apple id, sign out first and sign back in.

If that does not work, you can try this option:

  • Close all your apps.
  • Do a hard reset by simultaneously pressing the Home and Power buttons until your iPhone shuts down and turns on again. Release the buttons when the apple logo appears.
  • Check if your songs already have sound.

iPhone No Sound on Text Messages

It can be too frustrating to miss an important text message because your incoming text alert has no sound. These troubleshooting methods can be done with iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s as well as all iPod models.

  • Check if your sound is on the “Do Not Disturb” mode.

Settings > Do Not Disturb“>Off

  • Check if your contacts are on the ‘Do Not Disturb” mode

Go to the message app and check if any of your messages have the moon sign. If your messages do have the moon sign, this means that you have enabled the “Do Not Disturb” feature on these contacts. When you receive a text message from any of them your text alert notification will not sound. To disable the “Do Not Disturb” feature on your contacts:

Settings >> Notifications >> Messages >> “Allow Notifications” >> On

  • Restart your message app. You can force close this app by pressing the Home button two times and finding the message app. Swipe the app to close it and re-launch the app again.
  • Restart your iPhone by holding and pressing the sleep/wake button. Hold and press the buttons until you see the volume slider.
  • Your iPhone may be on silent mode. Your iPhone has a ring or silent switch on the left side of the device. Switch it on to “ring.”
  • Reset your iPhone by simultaneously pressing the power and home buttons (sleep/wake/sleep) until the Apple logo appears.

If you have done all these troubleshooting methods but still you’re there is no sound in your incoming text alert, your iPhone may have a hardware issue. Take it to an Apple Service Center.

No matter the model of your iPhone, there is always a possibility that you will experience some problems with it. An iPhone with no sound can be one of the most annoying issues your device can have.

With a little patience and some effort though, you should be able to bring the sound back even if you do not have any special technical skills. If all fails, there is always an Apple Service Center that can come to the rescue.

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