Why is my iPhone charging but not turning on? Know how to fix this up

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Why is my iPhone charging but not turning on? So, before concluding that your iPhone is dead and you’re going to need to buy a new one for yourself. Just sit back or relax first, and then start trying these hacks on how to fix the issues pertaining to your unresponsive iPhone.

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1. Try a restart

Try to restart your iPhone even if charging the battery, did not turn it on.

Follow the steps below to restart your phone such as:

  • At first, hold down the on/ off button at the top of your iPhone for a few seconds.

It may turn on your phone in case it is off. Or you may see the slider which offers you to turn off your iPhone in the case if it is already on.

  • In both, the cases try a restart your iPhone by turning it off once then turn it on.

Note for iPhone 7 and 7S users: Press and hold the Sleep/Wake and Volume Down buttons simultaneously to force a restart.

2. Try a hard reset on your iPhone

In the case, if the above tip did not work for your iPhone then try resetting it once. Try a hard reset by following the below steps:

  • Hold down the on/off button and Home button of your iPhone at the once.

In the case of iPhone 7 and 7+, hold down the on/off and volume down button at the same time.

  • Continue the hold at least for 10 seconds or you may hold it for a few more seconds.
  • Check if the shut-down slider shows on your iPhone’s screen, then keep on holding the said buttons.
  • Hold till the apple logo appears and then let your iPhone start-up.

Hence, it is advised that do not release the hold buttons in case the apple logo appears on your phone screen as keep holding the buttons till the reset starts.

3. Try a factory default reset

Try the best method to start turning your iPhone on, try a factory reset as it will erase all the data and restores the setting of your phone to default. Try a factory reset by following the below steps:

  • Module the iPhone’s USB link to the Lightning/Dock Connector port, however not into your PC.
  • Hold down the iPhone’s Home button, in case of iPhone 7 or 7+ hold a volume down button.
  • Plug the opposite side of the USB link into your PC while continuously holding down the home button.
  • This will open iTunes, put the iPhone into recuperation mode, and let you restore the factory setting to default.

Hence, it is advised that do not release the hold buttons in case the apple logo appears on your phone screen as keep holding the buttons until the recovery mode starts.

why is my iphone charging but not turning on know how to fix this up
Image by Ricky Lai from flickr.com

4. Try a DFU mode for your iPhone

DFU is the term which stands for “Device Firmware Update”. It is the mode which may help your iPhone to turn on. DFU mode is said to a particular mode that can put your iPhone into where it would interface with the iTunes, however, it does not load the iPhone OS or bootloader

The steps to follow for putting your device into the DFU mode are:

Interface the iPhone to your PC and dispatch iTunes

  • Turn off your iPhone
  • Hold down the Sleep/power button with the home button at once for precisely 10 seconds, then release down the power button.
  • Keep on holding down the Home button until the point that a message shows up in iTunes revealing to you that your iPhone’s recovery mode has been recognized
  • In the vent of DFU mode, your iPhone screen may look black but the same has been recognized by the iTunes.
  • So if you see a black screen it complies that you have put your iPhone in DFU mode.
  • Hence, follow all the instructions provided over the iTunes to restore your phone which may help in turning it on.

Hence, The DFU mode needs to be implied if you have ever put your phone on IOS update without enough battery which may cause your phone into a sleep position and did not let it turn on.

Fact: There is a difference between putting your iPhone into a recovery or DFU mode as one should not get confused in between the two as they are two different modes of your ios device.

5. Try to reset the Proximity sensor

It is one of the rarest situations which may cause your phone to sleep into a black screen or if we say blocks it to turn on. Due to any type of malfunctioning into your proximity sensor setting, it may cause your phone into a dark black screen.

Hence proximity sensor implies to the sensor that enables the iPhone to turn off its screen consequently at whatever point you hold the phone up to your ear for receiving a call. This component is quite essential as it helps in avoiding the coincidental button clicks on the side of your head while talking over the phone call.

Therefore follow the below steps to reset the sensor settings such as:

  • Hold down your phone’s Home and on/off buttons so to restart your iPhone.
  • Hence when your iPhone restarts, the screen ought to be in working condition.
  • Then tap on the Settings app.
  • Then go to the General option.
  • Click Reset.
  • Click on the Reset All Settings options.

The command will only delete all your setting and preferences form your iPhone, but safeguard your personal or stored data.

Hence, after trying all these hacks, if your device still won’t turn on then you need to get in touch with Apple assistance and Apple support as there can be a hardware issue.

In case, if all any of these mentioned hacks work for your device then do write to us about your experience in the comment section below. And if you have found any other method which helps you to recover your phone then also do write us as we will update you with an analysis on the same approach.

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