How to Upload Photos from iPhone to iCloud

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Your iPhone does not have unlimited storage capacity. Photos and videos often consume most of your device’s storage space.  There will come a point in time when you will run out of storage space which can slow down your device. You do have to delete some of your photos to regain free storage. You simply need to know how to upload photos from iphone to iCloud.

Of course you can store your photos in your computer, external hard drives or USB devices. These methods can be risky. These devices can get corrupted delete all your photos.

It is essential therefore that you upload your photos online, to iCloud. This is a safer and more reliable method of keeping your photos. Uploading your photos in iCloud comes with additional benefits, too.

  • You have back-up copies of your photos
  • It allows the easy sharing of photos
  • You can access your photos from any device as long as you have an internet connection

iCloud is a cloud-based storage service provided by Apple. With an iCloud account, you can store photos and videos to the cloud. Apple initially gives you 5G of free storage space. You can get an iCloud subscription if you need more storage space on the cloud.

How to Sign-up with iCloud

You can sign up to iCloud for free. You will need to have an Apple ID, though.  Every free account automatically comes with 5GB of free storage on the cloud to back-up your photos, videos andother data in the cloud. If you need more storage you can upgrade yoursubscription to 50GB, 200 GB or 2TB for a fee.

To make sure that your iPhone is compatible with the system requirements of iCloud, do a quick scanning to know the minimum requirements. If you are using the latest iOS, your device should not have any compatibility issues.

Update iOS of your iPhone if needed based on the minimum requirements of iCloud set-up.

  1. Go to Settings in your Home Screen.
  2. Tap on General
  3. Tap on Software Update. The latest iOS version will start to download.
  4. When downloading is done, click Install.

Enable iCloud

  1. Go to your Home Screen and tap on Settings
  2. Tap the iCloud tab
  3. Login in using your Apple ID and password
  • Select iCloud Services. A list of iCloud services will appear. Toggle the slider on the right of the application you choose to sync your device.

With iCloud enabled on your iPhone you can now start uploading photos from your iPhone to iCloud.

Method 1: Using My Photo Stream

The My Photo Stream feature in your iphone allows you to easily upload photos from your iphone to iCloud. Photos uploaded using My Photo Stream gets stored in iCloud for 30 days.

When you turn on my Photo Stream and iCloud photos on your iphone, photos you take will automatically upload to My Photo Stream and iCloud. This will give you a lot of free storage in your iphone.

My Photo Stream supports these photo formats:

  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • TIFF
  • RAW photo formats


  • My Photo Stream service
  • iCloud account

What to Do

  • Enable the My Photo Stream feature in your iPhone.

Settings > iCloud > Photo Stream > Turn on My Photo Stream

  • Enable iCloud.
  • Turn on My Photo Stream and iCloud.

When using My Photo Stream to upload your photos to iCloud, be sure toremember these:

  • Photos upload to iCloud using My Photo Stream are stored in your iCloud account only for 30 days.
  • There is a 1,000 photo limit.
  • Photos upload to iCloud using My Photo Stream does not affect your iCloud storage space.

Your photos will appear in thee All Photos folder of your Photo app.

Method 2: Using iCloud Photo Library

The iCloud Photo Library is an optional iCloud feature that automatically syncs and backs up your photos to iCloud when turned on. Photos and videos uploaded to iCloud using Photo Library eating up your iCloud storage space.

My Photos Stream supports these photo formats:

  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • HEIF
  • TIFF
  • RAW photo formats


  • iCloud subscription

What to Do

  • Sign in to your iCloud account.
  • Settings > iCloud Enable the iCloud Photo Library:
  • Go to Settings and type your name below the Search Box.
  • Tap the Apple banner
  • Tap on iCloud
  • Tap Photo
  • Tap iCloud Photo Library
  • Turn toggle switch to ON.

With iCloud Photo Library ON, every photo from the Photo Library of your iPhone gets automatically uploaded to your iCloud. This is of course if you have a WiFi connection and a charged battery. You can view your uploaded photos at

Your iCloud account offers only 5GB free storage space for your photos. If you take a lot of photos and use the iCloud Photo Library option to upload your photos to iCloud, it would be wise to upgrade your iCloud subscription for more storage space in the cloud.

Method 3: Manual Uploading

You can also opt to manually upload or backup photos from your iPhone to iCloud.


  • Latest iOS version
  • Latest iCloud version
  • WiFi connection

What to Do

  1. Go to Settings
  2. General
  3. Select the iCloud option
  4. Tap on Photos
  5. Enable iCloud Photo Library
  6. Tap on Optimize iPhone Storage

The speed at which this task will be completed is based on the speed of your Internet connection and the number of photos you are uploading to iCloud.

How to Delete Photos in iPhone but Keeping them in iCloud

Most of the time, when you delete photos from your iPhone, they also get automatically deleted from iCloud. This happens when you have enabled the ‘Download and keep originals” option in your iCloud Photo Library.

Additionally, when you have enabled “Optimize iPhone Storage” you will not be able to delete photos from your iPhone or iCloud. Your iPhone and iCloud are paired and it is impossible to have them function separately.

There is an option that will allow you to delete photos in your iPhone but keep them in your iCloud. The thing to do is to separate your photos in your iPhone from your iCloud account. One way to do this is to disable your iCloud Photo Library.

Settings > Apple ID > iCloud >Photos >  iCloud Library > Off

Now you can delete photos from your iPhone for more free storage space keeping your photos in your iCloud.

Almost all iPhone users share the same problem – lack of free storage space. An iCloud account offers a solution. You iPhone need to know how to upload photos from iPhone to iCloud.

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