How to Unmerge Contacts on iPhone

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Over time, contacts on your iPhone can go haywire. To clean up your contact list, you can merge contacts on your iPhone. There will come a time though when you will want to unmerge some of your contacts. So, how to unmerge contacts on iPhone is something you need to learn.

In your iPhone, you may have on your contact list such entries as Brad / Office and another contact entry that says Brad / Personal and again another contact that says Brad email. Instead of having three entries for Brad, who is one and the same person, you can have one master contact for Brad that will include his office mobile number, personal mobile number and email address.

Merging contact means putting together information about one person into one master contact.  The master contact would include all details about that particular contact. Merging contacts can also prevent having duplicate contacts in your iPhone.

You can merge contacts on your iPhone manually through the iCloud interface or with an iOS app (free). After merging your contacts you will have cleaned up a huge portion off your Contact List.

There are instances when you will want to unmerged the contact you merge. Luckily your iPhone can merge your contacts your contacts in such a way that you can unmerge them when needed.

If you merged your Contacts to de-clutter and organized your Contacts List, why would you like to unmerged your contacts?

Some iPhone users prefer to have separate contract entries for different information of a contact. He may want to have a separate contact entry for his contact’s office number, personal number and email address. It may sound funny but some iPhone users find it easier that way.

Here is how to unmerge contacts on iPhone so merged contacts can revert to being separate entries on your Contact List.

Unmerging contacts is done manually- contact-by-contact. If you are going to unmerge 10 entries in your Contact list, you need to do the unmerging process 10 times. 

  1. Open your Contacts app. Phone > Contacts
  2. Go to the merged contact you want to unmerge. (Contact Profile Page)
  3. Tap on the Edit button located on the top-right corner of your screen.
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the Contact Profile Page. You will find all the merged info of the contact (Brad Office Brad Home, Brad email address). On the left of each of the merged info is a tiny red circle.
  5. Tap the red circle of the entry you wish to unmerge.
  6. Tap on the Unlink button.
  7. Tap on the “Done” button located on the top right hand corner. You’re done unmerging one Contact.
  8. Repeat entire process for any merge contacts you may still want to unmerge.

Going through the unmerging process will restore the different merged info into separate Contact entry. After unmerging, there will be a separate Contact entry for Brad/Personal Brad/Office and Brad/email address. 

Before merging or unmerging contacts on iPhone, it is recommended that you back-up your Contacts List.

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