How to Play Music from iPhone to The Car without Aux

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Many people who own old cars have one common problem. These cars do not have an aux port or a Bluetooth connection thus you will be unable to listen to music from your iPhone through the car speaker system. There is a solution to this problem. You should know how to play music from iPhone to car without aux.

If your car model is of the early 2000s or later, its only audio output capability is from a CD or cassette player. If you want to listen to music in your car you either play a CD or cassette or listen to the radio. But you of course would like to listen to music from your iPhone.

The iPhone today is the best source from which you can listen to good music. You may have stored music in your playlist or may have a Spotify subscription. But what to do if you are unable to pair your iPhone to your car head because of the absence of an aux or Bluetooth connection.

You can blend old and new technologies to fill your car with the best sounding music while you are on the road. An FM Transmitter is all you need to do just that.

An FM Transmitter will allow you to establish a Bluetooth connection between your car stereo that may have a CD or cassette player and your iPhone.

You can turn an FM transmitter into a Bluetooth receiver. Some FM transmitters are plugged into the cigarette lighter of your car. Some FM transmitters are plugged directly on your iPhone.

Option 1: FM transmitters plugged on Car Lighter

This type of FM Transmitter gets its power from the cigarette lighter of your car. This FM transmitter does not come with any wires because it gets its Bluetooth signal from an FM frequency.

Wireless in-Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter Radio Adapter Car Kit
Wireless in-Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter Radio Adapter Car Kit
  1. Plug the FM transmitter on the cigarette lighter.
  2. Tune it in to an unused FM frequency in your car stereo.
  3. Tune your car stereo to the same frequency.

When you are done with the simple set up, play music in your iPhone and the sound will come out of the speakers of your car.

Option 2:  FM Transmitters Plugged Directly to Your iPhone

This is a simpler method because you will be using a smaller FM Transmitter. This gadget will also allow you to transmit music from your iPhone to the car stereo without Bluetooth or an Aux input.

FM Transmitter
FM Transmitter, Doosl Universal Wireless in-Car Radio Adapter FM Modulator Music Player & Hands-Free Calls for iPhone, Android
  1. Connect FM transmitter to your iPhone.
  2. Set your car radio to the 87.9 frequency or the frequency specified in the FM transmitter. You will initially hear a static sound.
  3. Choose music in your iPhone you want to play.
  4. Plug in your FM transmitter. Make sure the setting in your transmitter matches the setting in your car radio.

After completing the simple set up you will not be hearing sound from your iPhone in your car stereo.

There are no limitations on listening to music from your iPhone while in your car. Even if your older car radio is without an aux input or Bluetooth, you can simply plug in an FM Transmitter and listen to your favorite music from your Playlist, Pandora or Spotify.

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