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Do you have a bunch of videos in your iPhone? These videos are a delight to watch especially when you are bored or when you simply like to reminisce precious moments. One of the best ways to enjoy videos in your iPhone is to learn how to combine videos on iPhone.

There are many reasons why you would opt to merge videos in your iPhone. Perhaps you would like to organize videos into categories – funny videos, videos of a particular trip etc. Many iPhone users like to combine videos to make a single video and create some sort of a movie.

There are actually many reasons to combine or merge videos:

  • To create a documentary of an event.
  • To create a movie from the videos taken during a trip.
  • To view videos in an organized manner.
  • To create a centralized file for specific videos.

No matter the reason, there are many tools available that will allow you to combine videos in your iPhone. Some tools or apps can be downloaded for free at the Apple App Store with some features requiring a subscription. Some apps require a subscription to download and install.

If you only want to trim your videos, you can do it directly from the camera roll of your iPhone. However if you want to combine videos on your iPhone, you will need to use video editor apps. You can find several video editor apps on the Apple App Store. Some are free but of course, really good ones come with a price.

Here are some useful and amazing apps you can use to combine videos in your iPhone and how to use them.

Option 1: Combining Videos Using iMovie

iMovie is the official application of Apple that allows you to record and edit HD videos so you can transfer your videos between your iOS devices through the iCloud drive or AirDrop. It can also allow you to publish your videos directly to YouTube, send via email or MMS, post in Social Media or keep them in your iPhone.

iMovie is also one of the best apps to combine videos on iPhone.  It is one of the most popular free video editing apps for iPhone.

Here is how you can use iMovie to combine videos on iPhone.

  1. Launch iMovie app.
  2. Go to the Main Menu and click on File.
  3. Select New Project.
  4. Tap Create Project.
  5. Movie and Trailer options will appear. Click on Movie
  6. On the next screen, tap Create.
  7. Your project interface will load on the screen
  8. On the Menu bar, tap Media Library. This will show all videos in your camera roll.
  9. Select a video and tap Add. The video will be added to the iMovie timeline. You can add one or more videos at a time.
  10. Scroll timeline to the left or right until the Playhead (vertical line) appears on the screen.
  11. Position the Playhead (scroll left or right) on the exact place you want to combine the video.
  12. Give your combined video a title and save on the camera roll of your iPhone. You can also share the video on YouTube, social media sites or iTunes Library. Click on Home and tap Share.

Option 2: Combining Videos Using Filmora

With the Filmora Video Editor you can combine several videos into a single video. After combining the videos you can play the single video non-stop. You can also do some editing on your videos.

 Filmora is a great video merger app to use if you want to avoid losing frame issues which is common when combining videos on iPhone.  It is a free video editing app.

Here is how you can use Filmmora to combine videos on iPhone.

  1. Open Filmora.
  2. In the toolbar click on File.
  3. Tap on Import Media
  4. Tap  on Import Media Files
  5. Drag to the timeline the videos you want to combine. The videos you dragged will be listed in the same timeline.
  6. Filmora comes with a lot of powerful tools which can allow you to edit your combined video.
  7. Once done editing give the new video a name and export to your iPhone. In the toolbar choose iPhone as the target device and click on Export.

Option 3: Combine Videos Using Videoshop

Videoshop is an amazing video editing app and is easy to use in combining videos in your iPhone. Other than combining videos this app can trim, crop, resize the video frame, sound effects, voice over and many more.

Most of the Videoshop features are free but unlocking themes, filters, text animations, etc. require a subscription.

Here is how you can use Videoshop to combine videos on iPhone.

  1. Download Videoshop from the Apple App Store.
  2. Open Videoshop
  3. Add videos to combine by hitting the Plus sign icon.
  4. Select from the options above the videos on what you want to do. Some of the options include adding transitions, changing speed, adding audio tracks, adding texts and many more.
  5. When done editing, click Next. There will be options to choose from like adding an author, title and date. You can also select some relevant filters and themes.
  6. When you are done combining the videos click Share to store the file. You can also upload your new video to YouTube or Vimeo and any Social Media sites. You can also share with your friends through email or Dropbox.

Having tons of video clips stored in your iPhone can be confusing. If you are attempting to create a video, you will have different footages in your camera roll. The apps presented above are only but a few but the more popular video editor apps. They come with many editing features other than combining videos. Choose the right app for your editing requirements.

Knowing how to combine videos on iPhone will allow you to create content that is easy to view and worthy of being published that you and your audience will love viewing.

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