Why does my iPhone get hot while charging? Know how to fix this up

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Why does my iPhone get hot while charging Know how to fix this up
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“I have an issue with my iPhone, as my iPhone gets extremely hot while charging and once in a while when I am using it.” Or “Why does my iPhone get hot while charging? “ Is this your query?

Then let me help you out on how to fix it?  I will initially clarify the reason first, why your iPhone gets hot, and then will offer you some simple tips to fix the issue.

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Reasons which may overheat your iPhone

1. Software trouble

Your iPhone may overheat due to the programming/ software issue, so due to an excessive use of one or more applications at the same time may cause a high load on your phones CPU. Which may simply cause it to overheat.

2. High Temperature

Another reason which may overheat your iPhone is due to its exposure to a high temperature. iPhone is designed in a manner to work efficiently on the temperature from 0° to 35° C.  So if your phone may be exposed to a higher temperature over 35 degrees than it may overheat your phone.

Hence if you ever left your phone in a parked car then it may also cause an overheating to the same.

3. Hardware trouble

An awful or damaged battery is additionally in charge of the overheating issue. If a battery is your main issue, the overheating issue may also cause it to drain at a quicker speed.

4. Charging

iPhone gets hot when you use your iPhone while it is on charge. In addition, using wrong cable or wrong charger may cause the overheating issue.

Tips on how to fix the overheating issue

1. Try avoiding the high-temperature condition

It is advised that if you want to refrain your iPhone from getting very hot then try to avoid putting it into the high heat generating environments like putting directly in on the car dashboard, exposing it to direct sunlight, a locked car in the parking area. If you are facing this issue in the hot and humid summers than try to bring it in the shades and then wait for your iPhone to cool down naturally.

2. Always charge your iPhone with a genuine and original charger

Endeavor to use the original iPhone accessories like adapter, charger, and able to improve the performance of your phone. In case, if you use any accessory which is of any other company than try to use the product which is being authorized by the Apple. While it is also advised that try not to use your iPhone while it is put on charging and also don’t play games or watch any type of HD videos when it is on charging mode.

3. Try using the cases or kindly remove the iPhone Case

There is a number of fancy iPhone cases available to protect the iPhone from any kind of damage whereas the cases which are thick makes it quite harder for the iPhone users to get rid of the heating issue in their phone. It is advised that better use thin case covers or remove your iPhone case for some time till the phone cooldowns to normal.

4. Turn “Off” the Personal Hotspot/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/Location Services in the event that you don’t need them

When you have these highlights on, your iPhone needs to continue working regardless of whether it is simply sitting in your pocket. For instance, on the off chance that you turn Location Service on constantly, iPhone continues utilizing GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Hotspot to figure out where you are as of now, which circulates to the overheating issue. Subsequently, it is advised to turn off these settings in the event that they are not in use.

  • Step to turn off hotspot:

Go to your iPhone “Settings”>“Personal Hotspot” and then click on the turn off button.

  • Step to turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth:

To turn off your phones Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, swipe up the screen to gain to the Power Centre and tap on the Wi-Fi/Bluetooth symbol to turn them off.

  • Step to turn off location:

Go to “Settings”>“Privacy”>“Location Services” and click on the off button.

5. Close all the running Background Applications

As we have discussed that, running an excessive number of applications in the meantime prompts high usage of CPU and in this manner, it may get your iPhone to warm up. So it best recommends closing all the apps when they are not in use so to relive the necessary pressure from the phone.

Fact: Most of us believe if we return back to our home screen it will automatically close the application, but the fact is it does not, as the opened application runs in the background.

So better to close it: Press the home button two times and t will show all your running applications. Just swipe up the particular app to the top of the screen and it will close them instantly.

6. Have an eye on the troublesome Apps

There are some applications that cost amazingly high on your phones CPU or battery to run. You can analyse this sort of applications and check whether you need to supplant it with other comparable applications or re-install the same. So for the same follow the below instructions like:

First of all, “Check your battery utilization status” by Going into the phone “Settings”>“Battery”>“Battery Usage”. You can see the level of a battery that your iPhone applications have used for most recent 24 hours or recent days. Check whether there are any other applications which you may have installed form apple store and that is depleting your battery.

Besides, go to “Settings”>“privacy”>“Diagnostics and Usage”>“Diagnostic and Usage Data”, where show the information of all applications that have been smashed on your iPhone. In the event that an application shows up on the rundown for ordinarily, perhaps it is the one causing trouble for the iPhone performance.

7. Reset All Settings/or Restore it to factory default setting

Overheating issue might be caused by some obscure bugs in iPhone. So you can settle the bugs with these normal techniques:

Reset all settings, eradicate iPhone or restore iPhone.

You can discover the reset alternatives on “Settings”>“General”>“Reset”. To restore iPhone, if it’s not too much trouble interface the iPhone to iTunes on your PC.

Hence sometimes the problem persists due to some new IOS update so better try to adopt any of the options above to fix it. And it may go by its own within 2-3 days or it may be because of any bug which may enter your phone with an update so don’t worry the apple will fix it up with their next update.

Therefore, your overheating issue may get resolved with the above measures. But in case it does not then try to get professional assistance from the Apple support or online Apple assistance as they can guide you further. If in case, it may require a repair they will guide you on the same.

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