Cleaning iPhone charging port with Alcohol – How do I Do?

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iTechPursuits Cleaning iPhone charging port with alcohol How do I Do
Cleaning iPhone charging port with alcohol How do I Do

One of the most common queries and issue pertains to iPhone users is that they are facing an issue with their iPhone charging. As efficient charging leads to a better performance of your iPhone. But if there is an issue with the same then it may lead to a serious issue with your phone as It may slowdowns your phone’s performance due to less charging, slowdowns it’s programming, and also may lead to drain out the charging very fast.

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So in the case, if everything is fine with your phones like software, hardware or cable then there must be an issue with its charging port. You may need to check that before deciding to buy a new phone for yourself.

Hence, today we are going to discuss the issue of charging in the phone and will try to provide you with some remedial solutions.

–    Reasons for slow charging

There are mainly two reasons which may result in slowing down the charging in your iPhone or may cause no charging:

1. Use of low amperage charger

Every phone is designed with different functions and abilities and the accessories provided with your phone is according to their design so in case if we ever try to replace their original accessories with third-party accessories that may cause harm to the device. As if we start using a duplicate charger then it may be of low amperage than the original one which may cause slow charging to your phone. Same applies if we use the charger of high amperage as that also cause harm to your phone’s battery. Hence, iPhones can just charge at the amperage of 5 volts so in any case of using a low or high amperage than 5 volts may cause damage.

2. Dust, lint, debris in the charging port

Another reason which may cause slow charging to your iPhone is on the grounds that there is a type of gunk or garbage stuck inside the Lightning port or charging port of your iPhone. The Lightning link or charging link you use to charge your iPhone has 8 pins, and if any of those pins get impeded by garbage or any type of dust, it might make your iPhone charge gradually slow or not charge it at all. Hence the Lint, dust or debris from our pockets or from the purses will get stuck in the charger port or link and also may build up over a period of time.

In case if these two reasons won’t persist for the slow charging of your phone then it may be due to the following reasons:

  • Damaged charging chord
  • Damaged or bad battery
  • Bad connection between the phone or the charger
  • Plugging the phone into a weak power source such as if you are charging your phone through a laptop or
  • Damaged socket pin

So, in the above cases, you need to get a new original charger for your phone or just replace the damaged part from the authorized Apple service centers. If still, it does not solve the issue then there is no other option than replacing your phone.

–    The preventive measure to be used to fix the issue of slow charging

1. Always try to use the charger with correct amperage

As we have discussed it above that the amperage is important to safeguard your phone charging, so it is best recommended to use the original charger of your phone or in case if have to use any other charger than try to use the one with the required amperage according to your phone. Then it may help in preventing the issue of slow charging.

2. Cleaning iPhone charging port with a non-conductive element like a wooden toothpick

As there is a lot of dust particles comprises inside the charging port of your iPhone than it is advised to use the toothpick for gently removing the dust from the charging port.

Steps on how to use the toothpick

  • Always switch off your phone first
  • Then to be on a safer side take a whole back up of your phone’s data on pc or on the cloud.
  • The apply a normal toothpick and remove all the lint or junks from the port
  • Now check if it resumes the charging speed or not.

Some of the other alternatives which can be used are a SIM-card tool, a small bobby pin, or a small needle.

3. Cleaning iPhone charging port with a Pressurized air.

Another method to use is blowing the pressurized air in the charging out as it will help in draining out all the dust from the port.

Whereas it is said that Apple does not recommend the use of compressed air as it is believed that it may push the dust deeper and may also break the other internal components.

4. Cleaning iPhone charging port with alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is extraordinary, yet there are two ways,

It would be ideal if you ensure its isopropyl alcohol as opposed to ethyl alcohol, except if you need to destroy your iPhone. You may likewise clean your charger to be safe, as the gunk/erosion can exchange from the port to the charger pretty effectively.

5. Get your phone cleaned from the apple stores

In case if don’t want to try any method at home due to the adversity involved with the ways then it is best to get your phone checked or cleaned thought he authorized professionals like apple stores or get an assist from the apple support.

You can likewise use these ways in case your iPhone is stuck at the “earphone mode” despite the fact that no earphones are connected to. Similar measures can likewise be used for wiping out the charging port and earphone jacks on other devices.

Therefore always enhance the performance of your device by getting it cleaned or charged effectively as it will improve the quality of your device live with its performance.

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  1. I have a lint problem with my iPad and cannot insert my charging cable into
    the charging port. I seem to have tried all the hints with toothpicks, etc. with
    no luck. Any suggestions?

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