6+ Ways to Find a Lost iPhone that is Turned Off

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Finding a disabled iPhone is not an easy task, but it’s quite possible. After reading the information below, you will learn how to find the iPhone if it is turned off. In addition to the official means provided by Apple, you can also download other applications from the App Store to search for your device if you’ve lost it somewhere or someone has stolen it. This means you can secure your phone with the help of several applications that you can set up once and forget forever, but in case of the necessity, they will help you find your device.

Here are several ways you can try when looking for your iPhone which is turned off.

Trying Find My iPhone

Step 1. Go to the Apple search page at https://www.icloud.com/#find and enter your username and password for authorization.

Step 2. After logging into your account, tap the icon displaying your iPhone. You can find it in a list of devices below the map. You will be able to see the location of your phone on the map.

A gray dot you see will mean that the phone is currently off, and a location on a map with a gray dot will mean that the phone was there the last time before it was disconnected.

If you find out this location – perhaps remember where the device was left and there is an opportunity to ask the staff or hang up announcements of the loss.

A green dot indicates that the phone is on. If it moves, it means that the phone isused by someone else.

Unsuccessful attempts to call this phone mean that the card was pulled from it.

Step 3. You can tap Actions and then choose Play sound. If you are lucky and your phone is somewhere nearby, you can hear the sound it creates, and find it.

Step 4. In case that Step 3 didn’t help, use the Lost Mode function– block the device and immediately send a message to the person that this device has been lost, and ask to return it. If this message is ignored – contact the police.

If your sim card is still inside the phone, you can track its location with no problems.

Note: Finding your phone in this way becomes possible only if you’ve switched on this function on your phone before you hand and regularly back up your iPhone using iCloud service.

Using an Apple Watch

AppleWatch can also be helpful when looking for your lost iPhone. Here are a few simple steps to take:

Step 1. Connecting your iPhone and Apple Watch to the same network. You can create a connection via Bluetooth or the Wi-Fi network you use.

Step 2. Activate the Apple Watch and go to the Glances menu.

Step 3. When yousee the “ping” button tap it.  When you do this, your iPhone will play a short pinging sound which will allow you to find it. It can work even if your phone is in silent mode.

Step 4. If you hold the ping button for a while you can make to your iPhone switch its LED light. This is especially helpful when you try to find the device in complete darkness.

Trying GPS Tracking Apps

GPS tracking has become extremely useful in many spheres, and it will definitely be of help when you try to find your phone which is turned off. Here is what you’ll have to do.

  1. Go to the website providing the GPS tracking whose application you have installed on your phone.
  2. Sign in with the help of your login credentials previously used on your iPhone.
  3. Follow the offered instructions provided by the tracking app to locate your iPhone. This way you will be able to receive detailed information about your iPhone’s activity. This includes all the previous locations, sent messages, phone calls, and much more.
  4. Contact the website support to assist you with tracking your iPhone. 

Using Google Timeline

Another useful tool to find your phone is Google Timeline. Here is how you can use it.
1. Go to the website at https://www.google.com/maps/timeline

2. You’ll see “Today” at the top left corner, so click it. It enables you to see our iPhone’s most recent timeline.

3. Move to the bottom to see the last reported location of your device.

4. Check whether your phone moves or not. This way you will understand if your phone is already on someone else’s hands.

5. The map you see will help you to locate your iPhone. 

 Some other helpful ways

Here are some other methods that could help you if your phone is missing. See if any ofthem could be useful in your case.

  • Making a call to your phone

Use someone’s phone to make a call to your lost iPhone. If it is simple under the pillow or a pile of papers, you will be able to hear it ring. Check every room while you are doing this. You can also use your PC for calling. Go to ICantFindMyPhone.com and enter your number. This service can make a call for you.

  • Try to get help from social media. 

Let the people from your circle know that your phone is missing. Maybe you simply forgot it by your friends?

  • Turn for help to the local law enforcement. 

They have a wide range of tools to find the lost devices. If you bring your IMEI number, then you make it really easy to get your phone back really soon. The International Mobile Equipment Identity, IMEI, is the unique device number assigned to the device by the manufacturer. Information is intended to identify the device in the network. IMEI number is always indicated in several places:

  • on the smartphone itself (to find it, you need to dial * # 06 # on the keyboard and the data will appear on the screen);
  • on the battery;
  • on the back of the box in which the gadget was sold;
  • in the warranty card.

A few words about one useful innovation by Apple

Apple has received a patent for an innovative development that radically changes the idea of finding lost smartphones. This is a significant improvement in the security system of the gadget.  It is called the zombie mode. When it is activated, the iPhone pretends to be turned off, but in reality remains trackable. When trying to charge the found or stolen iPhone, the person will see a requirement to enter a password. Incorrect input activates this unique mode. Next, the iPhone will be able to send an e-mail to its owner with the data allowing to find it. The phone does all this pretending to be turned off.

Now you see that there are really many ways to find a lost iPhone that is turned off. But we hope you will never need to use any of them.

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